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Trailer for Barbara's British film "Bad Blonde"

Barbary Payton BooknewA new book titled "Barbara Payton: A Life in Pictures" is now in progress. It will contain over 600 rare and previously unpublished photos from Barbara's personal life and film career, along with commentary by John O'Dowd, and Barbara's best friend (and sister-in-law) Jan Redfield.

"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story" by John O'Dowd is receiving unanimous accolades! Click here to read the reviews.

Click here to read the Press Release for John's above referenced book, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

Sample Chapter - click here to see a chapter in the book.

A Message from Barbara's son, John Lee Payton:

Initially I was very worried about another writer interested in my mother. Too many times people have used her for sensational and exaggerated horror stories of the worst Hollywood offers, and the consequences of mistakes or overindulgence. Even today some use her to vent an almost pathological hatred motivated by reasons best known only to themselves. I was persuaded to take a look at John's work, and to get to know the kind of man he is, by my Aunt Janice, who is my mother's sister-in-law. I am so glad I did. John O'Dowd is dedicated, perhaps even driven, to tell the whole story of my mother's life with unyielding thoroughness, but also a compassion for her humanity that has convinced me that she must surely be pleased with him. I have found much in the work so far that breaks my heart, but equally as much that brings back the many wonderful memories I have of her and our years together, and the immense pride I have in her for fighting so hard, so long for her dream. John O'Dowd is a good man and a fine writer, and I feel fortunate to have become his friend as well.

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John's new web site includes the following articles and interviews:

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